Breastfeeding And Orthodontics


Breastfeeding is an act of love. The mother offers the child this wholesome food that covers his nutritional needs and supplies the necessary antibodies to deal with certain diseases and conditions until his immune system develops to be able to defend itself.


But what can Orthodontics have to do with Breastfeeding?

When babies breastfeed, they use and exercise different muscles of the mouth, cheeks and tongue than children who use baby bottles serving the proper development of the jaws.

Also during breastfeeding, babies push the nipple upwards, in the palate, making it wider so that the upper jaw has enough space for the teeth to rise in normal positions. Finally, the use of the bottle forces the baby wanting to stop the flow of milk to press the false nipple with his tongue by placing it in an anterior – abnormal – position.

This can turn into a habit later and lead to orthodontic problems such as open bites, buck teeth, etc.

Apart from the undoubted superiority of breastfeeding over baby bottles, in terms of nutritional value, protection against disease, the opportunity to develop a better relationship between child and mother, in the long run, it also reduces the likelihood of orthodontic treatment.

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