Decorate your smile with a dental gem.

The value of a beautiful smile is priceless, as it evokes irresistible attraction. The new trend of our time, an elegant and harmless intervention, such as decorative dental gems and jewelry in general, contribute to many people’s (women mainly but also men) effort to make their smile even more beautiful and bright.

The history of dental jewelry

The practice of decorating teeth has been known since ancient times. In many ancient cultures, such as the Mayans, teeth decoration was a practice that was applied either just for decoration or to cover the filling on a damaged tooth.

In particular, archeological evidence indicates that 2500 years ago, the Mayans had already developed a relatively high understanding of the dental technique and using various tools, they carved the damaged parts of the teeth, creating cavities which were decorated with precious stones.

What is dental jewelry?

These are tiny pieces of jewelry that are usually glued on the surface of a front tooth and are an easy and painless way for those who wish to renew their appearance. Dental jewelry is usually made of Swarovski crystal glass or precious metals (pure gold, white gold, diamonds, etc.).

Today, thanks to the evolution of technology, we have a plethora of jewelry options to place on natural or artificial teeth.

Are there any requirements for the placement of dental jewelry?

Dental jewelry is usually applied on the upper front teeth (lateral incisors and canines), because they are more visible than others when we smile. We must emphasize that dental jewelry is placed on healthy teeth. At the same time, it is necessary for the patient to have healthy periodontal tissues and maintain good oral hygiene. If one meets these conditions, then they can very easily place dental jewelry on their teeth.

More specifically, before placing the jewelry, the person concerned should consult their treating physician and be informed about the maintenance needs of the jewelry on the teeth. This stage is considered important to achieve the perfect aesthetic result.

The dentist then checks the oral condition of the mouth and decides if any dental operations need to be performed in order for the jewelry to be placed correctly, on a properly prepared surface, achieving the best aesthetic result.

Dental jewelry can only be glued on natural teeth or veneers- it cannot be glued on a prosthetic porcelain denture.

The process of applying dental jewelry

Tooth decoration is a non-invasive procedure of placing jewelry on the teeth, without the need for removing any tooth substance. Jewelry is simply glued on the teeth without grinding them.

The procedure is very simple, does not require anesthesia and takes only a few minutes. The burden on the tooth from this process is negligible and the materials used, both for manufacturing the jewelry and for gluing it on the tooth are completely safe.

The durability of jewelry over time is satisfactory – it usually has a lifespan of up to two years or more, depending on the quality of the jewelry. There is no risk of it peeling off with daily brushing; chewing gum, however, or jelly-type candy can cause damage or even detachment of the jewelry due to the sticky texture.

The jewelry can be removed from the tooth any time you want, just as easily, without leaving any marks on the tooth and without the need to place another in the same place.

Types of dental jewelry

There is a wide range of small and attractive dental jewelry to choose from, in various designs, colors and sizes of usually 2 to 4mm. The jewelry is made of either plain crystals (simple dental gems) or precious metals (18k white gold or 24k and 22k gold), decorated with gemstones, diamonds, rubies, sapphire or Swarovski crystals.

The cost of dental jewelry

The cost is determined by the type of jewelry and includes the purchase of the jewelry as well as its placement on the teeth. You can find dental jewelry starting from 60€. For any questions, please contact us.

For a smile brighter than ever…

It must be clarified that only dentists can place dental jewelry on the surface of the tooth safely and stably.

If your teeth look beautiful and you want them to look impressive, you can make it happen by decorating them with a piece of jewelry. Your smile will be doubly impressive.

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