The Invisalign system never stops evolving

The Invisalign system is the most advanced orthodontic system with clear aligners in the world and since its creation 22 years ago, it has been expanding its capabilities, constantly developing new technologies that help people acquire their best smile.

Invisalign clear splints (aligners) are made with advanced technology material, which enables them to improve the control of the movement of the teeth, moving them effectively and accurately, even rotating them when needed, without you even realising it. State-of-the-art technology includes – among other things – advanced 3D printing technology for the construction of high-precision personalized splints.

Positive results without unexpected…surprises

Although the end result will be a pleasant surprise for you, the flawless smile you will get is completely predictable, as the transparent Invisalign splints are made of special, advanced material, which provides an extremely high percentage (more than 75%) in the predictability rate of tooth movement. Knowing exactly the result you will get is important and makes the whole process all the more comfortable and enjoyable. Those who wear transparent Invisalign splints feel confident from the very first stages of the procedure.

You forget that you are wearing Invisalign Aligners but they do not forget to fix your teeth every moment.

The technology with which Invisalign transparent splints are designed and manufactured allows them to continue their operation throughout the time they are worn – which is about 22 hours a day – without you realizing their continuous operation and repairing of the denture.  They are cut exactly at the gum line for more comfort during application, without disturbing or hurting the gums and teeth.

For as long as the treatment lasts, you will feel that the transparent aligners will be your inseparable friends who work non-stop for you and your smile, while you still have the luxury of being autonomous during mealtime and oral hygiene practices.

You can remove them immediately and easily without being deprived of any of your favourite foods and you can also chew food better and achieve better oral hygiene, since brushing is more effective and flossing is possible too.

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