Invisalign invisible treatments

Choose the right one for you and smile with confidence

  • Invisible aligners
  • Natural smile
  • Easy removal during treatment.
  • No irritation of teeth and gums.
  • Specific, virtual treatment plan for your teeth from start to finish.

Different Invisalign treatments are available, which have special features and capabilities in order to respond more effectively to the individual needs of people in need of orthodontic treatment.

It is worth visiting your orthodontist to be responsibly informed about the appropriate, practically “invisible” treatment for you, which will be the solution to your orthodontic problem, always depending on the time and money you wish to spend and, of course, having full confidence in the top aesthetics of Invisalign aligners.

Invisalign Full – Before and after treatment

Διεύρυνση άνω γνάθου & ευθυγράμμιση των δοντιών

Full Invisalign: full treatment for a full smile

The “invisible” Invisalign treatment scheme successfully cures a wide range of orthodontic anomalies, without the need for conventional “braces”.

It consists of a series of thin transparent aligners for the upper and lower teeth, which are horseshoe-shaped and fit on the teeth like a glove. The secret lies in the application and forces exerted by the aligners, gradually moving and straightening the teeth without the patient realizing the orthodontic treatment applied.

Aligners should be worn daily for 21 – 22 hours.

They only come out during meals or when there is an absolute need to remove them.

Every two weeks, the previous aligners are replaced with new ones provided by the orthodontist. The new aligners, in turn, continue to move the teeth for another two weeks until the next change. In this way, the progress of the treatment continues, with the alternation of the aligners every two weeks, until the last aligners will bring the final straightening of the teeth, moving them to their final positions, thus achieving the perfect smile.

Invisalign Full – Course of Treatment

Θεραπεία Invisalign πριν


Μετά από 3 μήνες

After 3 months

Μετά από 6 μήνες

After 6 months

Μετά από 9 μήνες

After 9 months

Μετά από 12 μήνες

After 14 months

Μετά από 15 μήνες

After 17 months

Μετά από 18 μήνες

After 20 months

Τελικό Αποτέλεσμα

After 24 months

Duration of Full Invisalign Treatment

The duration of the treatment depends on the complexity of the orthodontic problem and the experience of the orthodontist who will apply the treatment. An average Full Invisalign treatment can last from eight (8) to eighteen (18) months.

The duration corresponds to 16 to 36 sets of aligners for the upper and lower dentition, which will exert the appropriate pressure to correct any orthodontic problem that concerns you.

Digital Process of Invisible Aligners Treatment


Upper Jaw

Lower Jaw

What orthodontic abnormalities does Invisalign treatment restore?

A (full) Invisalign treatment can restore the following orthodontic issues in between 8 to 18 months:

  • Straightening of crooked teeth or teeth with inclinations and turns,
  • Leveling and alignment of crowded teeth that do not fit in the dental arches,
  • Expansion of narrow jaws to flatten crooked teeth and improve smile,
  • Closing gaps between teeth, especially between the central incisors,
  • Deepening of the anterior teeth in cases of deep bite (where the top front teeth overlap over the bottom teeth),
  • Moving teeth that do not “bite” properly to more harmonious, almost normal positions.

Initial Stage of treatment

Mid-course of Treatment

Final Stage of Treatment with Invisible Braces

It should be emphasized that there are more complex orthodontic issues, which require a longer treatment period, more aligners and an extensive orthodontic clinical experience for their successful treatment.

Examples of such complex and time-consuming problems that require a more specialized treatment plan, patience and excellent patient-doctor collaboration are:

  • Large tooth movements (over 5 mm) or uprighting of inclined molars after loss of premolars,
  • Cases that require tooth extractions and closing the gaps to address them,
  • Anterior gaps that require orthodontic extpansion of the upper and lower jaw,
  • Skeletal abnormalities treated either conservatively with Invisalign alone or a combination of Invisalign and maxillofacial surgery.
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