Invisalign clear aligners: bringing smiles to young and old for over two decades

  • Invisible aligners
  • Natural smile
  • Easy removal during treatment.
  • No irritation of teeth and gums.
  • Specific, virtual treatment plan for your teeth from start to finish.

What is the Invisalign method?

Invisalign is an invisible method of orthodontic treatment which, using thin, clear and removable aligners, promises and – admittedly – restores orthodontic abnormalities, thus, drastically improving the smile that many may hide awkwardly. The above orthodontic procedure remains imperceptible to the patient throughout, without causing any discomfort, physical or aesthetic.

The completely clear aesthetic Invisalign treatment proves that it can improve – in the simplest and most effective way – the oral health and quality of life of people with orthodontic problems. It has been giving happy smiles, for over 20 years, to about 1.5 million adults, adolescents and children, while about 60,000 orthodontists use the method as their basic orthodontic treatment.

Align Technology – which fabricated the Invisalign aligners in 1998 in California, USA – has designed and offers a number of different treatment methods to fully meet the needs of orthodontists and patients. The first treatment designed was Invisalign Full, while the other treatments were designed later, through clinical experience and practice that constantly comes to meet emerging needs or gaps from existing treatments.

Invisalign Lite: The Perfect Express Treatment

A new type of therapy, Invisalign Lite, designed by Align Technology has been available to orthodontists and patients since 2010.

Invisalign Lite has all the characteristics and advantages of the complete (full) treatment but applies to cases where the treatment can be completed in a shorter period of time -up to seven (7) months- during which time it is required to create up to 14 sets of upper and lower aligners.

We could say that Invisalign Lite is the ideal type of treatment for all minor orthodontic problems, such as:

  • Minor crowding or small gaps between the front or back teeth,
  • Slight straightening of crooked teeth on the front or back of the jaws,
  • Improving the smile instead of resorting to the solution of “fitted” aesthetic Veneers on the front teeth,
  • Slight expansion of the jaws to improve the aesthetics of the smile,
  • Slight dipping or elongation of the front teeth in cases of open bite or deep bite,
  • Protruding teeth that make speech difficult and aesthetically disturbing.

With Invisalign Lite there is virtually no limit to the range of problems that can be corrected, as it moves all the teeth of the jaw in any direction. It is important that the problem is of small size and severity, so that it can be treated effectively by applying up to 14 sets of aligners.
An experienced orthodontist can immediately diagnose if an orthodontic problem can be resolved with Lite or another type of Invisalign treatment, using multiple aligners.

Ο έμπειρος ορθοδοντικός μπορεί να διαγνώσει άμεσα εάν ένα ορθοδοντικό πρόβλημα επιλύεται με το Lite ή πρέπει να αναζητηθεί κάποιος άλλος τύπος Invisalign θεραπείας, με χρήση περισσότερων ναρθήκων.

Before the treatment with Invisalign Lite Aligners

After the treatment with Invisalign Lite Aligners

Invisalign Lite at a glance

  • is the simplestfastest and most effective way of orthodontic treatment for a large part of the population, who does not want braces or aesthetic veneers on their teeth.
  • is a shorter and much more economical Invisalign treatment, compared to the full form, while it is a bit cheaper than the anterior Invisalign treatment.
  • can help many people who are in need and want to significantly improve their dental health and smile, find it difficult to afford the higher cost of Invisalign Full treatment but do not want braces.


Upper Jaw

Lower Jaw

In short, the Lite type is the best choice for all of you who want to significantly improve the health of your teeth and your smile but you cannot or do not want to “invest” a lot of time and money in it.

With Invisalign Lite, you are only 7 months (of invisible treatment) and 14 aligners away from obtaining a much more beautiful smile, which will improve your oral health and boost your self-confidence.

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