Metal Braces

Treatment with rounded metal brackets

Due to their smaller size and greater precision in their construction, unlike conventional brackets, these brackets achieve excellent treatment results without bothering the patient because they are rounded. They do not contain nickel in their composition to avoid possible allergic reactions.


Made with the use of lasers, these brackets offer excellent treatment results with even greater aesthetics for young patients. Their small and smooth surface gives special comfort to patients without causing any discomfort or irritation, while due to their size they require minimal care.

Treatment with metal brackets with shapes

These brackets come in various shapes for children, e.g. daisy, star, circle, heart, rugby ball, making orthodontic treatment particularly pleasant for our little friends. Children are more interested in their treatment and take better care of their oral hygiene.

Before Treatment with Metal Braces

After Treatment with Metal Braces

Treatment with Metal Braces – Before & After
Duration: 2 Years

Diamond 900 ικανοποιημενοι ασθενεις
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