First appointment at the orthodontist’s

It is very important for all of us to choose the right Health professional, in order to be able to trust them with regard to the problem that concerns us and its treatment.

The “patient”- doctor relationship is a two-way relationship of communication and mutual trust that is built over time but also requires good “chemistry” from the beginning.

In this context, it makes sense to look for the right clinic and the “right” doctor who will provide a solution to your orthodontic problem. It is important to find an orthodontist who is certified in the Invisalign method, has knowledge, expertise and achieves good results in their work; a doctor who is interested in helping their patient feel comfortable from the very first appointment and for the entire duration of the treatment.

The following can usually help in the selection process:

  • Your dentist’s recommendations, if they know an orthodontist certified in the Invisalign method, with clinical ability and experience
  • Recommendations from friends who have done Invisalign and the results can be seen in their smile
  • Internet search and gathering information from the website of Invisalign certified orthodontists, as well as the results of their work as captured in photos of their treated patients, BEFORE and AFTER the Invisalign treatment
  • Among other information you will evaluate during your research, it is a good idea to consider the indication “Diamond provider” for those orthodontists with extensive experience in Invisalign. This term indicates a doctor with the highest level of experience and ensures a high-quality treatment with excellent results.

Booking the first appointment

Call a certified orthodontic clinic in order to make an appointment for your first visit.
Do not hesitate to ask if this visit is free of charge or not.

In order to speed up the medical report process, it would be useful to show a recent panoramic Xray of your teeth and a lateral cephalometric Xray.

In this first meeting with your doctor, you will discuss your orthodontic problem, what options you have to correct it with Invisalign, which Invisalign treatment is the most appropriate for you (Full  or  Lite treatment) and of course, the duration of your treatment, which largely depends on its type.

From the very first appointment, any experienced orthodontist observing your teeth and Xrays, will make an accurate diagnosis of your problem, will determine the most suitable Invisalign treatment for you, present its timeline, as well as alternative options, in order to be able to make a joint decision for the best orthodontic approach for you.

Immediately after receiving all your necessary diagnostic data (Xrays, photos and measurements of your teeth), the doctor will prepare a detailed treatment plan, which will solve your orthodontic problem in the simplest, shortest and best way.

See the final result with ClinCheck right away

In the weeks following your first visit, you can view the course of the treatment, the number of aligners you will need to wear, as well as the final result of your treatment on your doctor’s computer in a virtual 3D video, known as Clin Check.

It is very important that you do not have to wait until the end of your treatment to see your smile become more beautiful. The gradual but visible improvement of your teeth happens from the very first aligners.

Thus, from the very beginning of the treatment you can see the positive results of Invisalign on your smile and psychology, something very important for the successful outcome of your treatment.

Clin Check reveals –even if it is virtually- your smile in its flawless version, before you even begin your treatment. With a little patience and a lot of enthusiasm on your part, this image will soon become your new reality.

Cost of treatment

At the end of your first visit, the doctor will inform you about the cost of the proposed Invisalign treatment, the financial settlement and the payment options you have.

Most Clinics today offer flexible and affordable monthly payment methods that will definitely allow you to start an Invisalign treatment, investing in your oral health, smile and quality of life.

Trust Invisalign to bring out the smile you have always wanted.