Regardless of age, everyone deserves a big smile, full of confidence

This is confirmed by data from the American Orthodontic Association, which states that the number of adults receiving orthodontic treatment has doubled in the last decade.

The notion that Orthodontics and braces are only for children and teens is now obsolete. Today, almost one in four orthodontic patients is an adult.

Because it is never too late for a Perfect Smile

Because teeth can be repaired at any stage of our lives, regardless of age and because orthodontic treatment can offer the same significant improvement to the teeth of both children and adults who want to have straight, strong teeth and smile without inhibition.

The way the teeth move, orthodontically, is the same at any age and so problems that arise are almost the same. Gaps between the teeth (sparse teeth), crooked teeth (dental crowding), protruding teeth (protrusion), overlapping teeth are the usual cases that can be effectively improved with the latest and most advanced orthodontic procedures, easily, safely and discreetly.

Let us not forget that the purpose of orthodontic treatment is to restore malocclusions, that is, the way the upper and lower teeth meet (fit together) when our mouth is closed. Proper occlusion allows for better chewing, better dental hygiene and therefore healthier teeth, better health, better articulation, more harmonious facial proportions.
For these reasons, any adult with strong teeth and gums can follow an orthodontic treatment plan.

Which adults does Orthodontics concern?

Adult Orthodontics is applied in many cases to people who are either trying to correct orthodontic problems for the first time or as a continuation of an older treatment. For example, it can be applied to:

  • Adults who, for various reasons, did not correct orthodontic problems during childhood and wish to do so later in life, for aesthetic or purely functional reasons.
  • Adults who underwent orthodontic treatment during childhood or adolescence but the occlusion of the teeth regressed upon discontinuation of the treatment and over the years.
  • Adults who need prosthetic restoration (such as bridges or implants) but this is impossible unless the insufficient space between the teeth is restored (eg due to overbite)
  • Adults whose teeth are displaced due to periodontal disease, resulting in serious functional and aesthetic issues.

Most adults are now aware of the capabilities of adult orthodontics and the aesthetically advanced orthodontic techniques that will provide them with the best possible improvement, depending on their real needs, invisibly and accurately with good results that can be anticipated from the very first visit.

Invisalign for Adults: Clear aligners – Visible and Immediate Improvement

The pioneering Invisalign adult system uses transparent aligners, instead of “braces” or other techniques, which gradually straighten our teeth in an unobtrusive way.

The Invisalign system enables the orthodontist to collect an impression of the patient’s mouth which the Invisalign manufacturer uses to:

  • create a digital model of the mouth and dentition
  • predict a timeline for the movement of the teeth from the initial stage to the final one.
  • print a series of clear aligners, customised for each patient, which move the dentition according to the planned timeline.

The “invisible” property is the most important advantage of the Invisalign system compared to other fixed orthodontic appliances. The ability to remove the clear aligners makes oral hygiene easy, adding yet another advantage to the popular method.

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