Our Philosophy

Aesthetic Orthodontics, as applied today to children and adults, improves the health of teeth and gums and gives a bright smile for a lifetime.


In our Clinics, it is our goal to ensure the Health and Aesthetics of the teeth and face in general, which is achieved through a pleasant orthodontic treatment. Our scientific staff are continuously trained and adopt anything pioneering and innovative worldwide in our field. We are constantly investing in new technologies and strategies for the benefit of our patients.


It is important to achieve for each of our patients:

  • Straight and strong teeth that “close” harmoniously with each other
  • Prevention of more serious orthodontic anomalies by starting Orthodontics at a young age
  • Avoiding tooth extractions where possible
  • Ensuring dental and gum hygiene
  • Perfect cooperation with fellow Dentists who make sure the oral health of our patients is maintained


At the same time, we add a social dimension to Orthodontics, since by beautifying the smile and face of our patients, they gain more self-confidence. Our mission is an excellent therapeutic result and meeting the orthodontic needs of our young and adult patients. We achieve this either by applying classical Orthodontics (removable appliances, braces) to children or by using the Invisalign method on adolescents and adults.

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