Procedure – Retention

Start your treatment safely by seeing the end result from the beginning.

Before your Invisalign treatment even begins -at the very first doctor’s appointment- you can see your new smile digitally, thanks to the advanced technology that maps the whole process, showing the final result with very high approximation.

Forget the manual impressions, as with the intraoral scanner we can create instant and accurate 3D digital images of your teeth, which we use to develop a customized treatment plan especially for you.

Aligners using the most advanced technology

Next, photos, Xrays and digital scans of your teeth are taken. All these recordings will be used by your doctor and his scientific team to design a plan for you in detail, with accurate calculation of the final positions of the teeth after the treatment as well as its duration.

Once the treatment plan is completed, custom made clear Invisalign aligners are manufactured by ALIGN Technology in USA. When the aligners are made, they are sent to the doctor’s office and then you will receive a series of aligners which you will wear continuously every day, only to remove them during meals and when brushing your teeth. The duration of application of each pair of Invisalign aligners is, on average, every 1 to 2 weeks.

Visits and retention of result after the treatment

Visits to the doctor’s office are made, approximately, every 6-8 weeks, in order to certify the good progress of the orthodontic treatment and to deliver the new aligners.
The duration of the INVISALIGN method depends on the orthodontic problem of each case. On average, most problems are corrected over a period of 8 to 18 months, with the use of a proportionate number of aligners.

Once your treatment plan is completed, you will most likely need a retaining aligner (positioner), which will keep the result, ie your new smile, stable, because the teeth tend to return to their original position (prior to the orthodontic treatment).

Specialization and experience guarantee a flawless smile

The analysis of the above procedure may refer to automated systems of advanced technology but it is important for everyone interested to know that the one who designs and determines every movement of the teeth, down to the last detail, is the Orthodontist and not a computer based on mechanical procedures. The specialization and experience of the doctor play a decisive role in the utilization of this advanced technique in order to obtain the desired result, in the shortest period of treatment.

Dr. Angelakis’ many years of experience, as well as his training in the Invilsalign method guarantee successful results, which can be confirmed by the numerous, impeccable smiles of the people who have trusted us for years now.

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