Treatment with Immovable (Fixed) Appliances

During treatment with appliances that we bond on children’s teeth, we enable the simultaneous development of the upper and lower dentition in order to ensure the maximum functional – aesthetic harmony of their face. At the same time, we avoid 98% of the extractions of permanent teeth in the subsequent orthodontic treatment with fixed brackets, which is even shorter in duration.

Advantages of treatment with immovable appliances:

  • Bonded devices on children’s teeth
  • 24-hour action with faster results
  • They go unnoticed since they are not visible and do not bother the children
  • Short completion of orthodontic treatment (6 – 10 months)
  • Great comfort and aesthetics due to their small size
  • Maintaining better oral hygiene with a low risk of tooth decay
  • They require minimal care on the part of children or parents
  • They improve the child’s nasal breathing
  • We achieve greater stability of results after the end of the orthodontic treatment
Ακίνητο Μασελάκι
Ακίνητο Μασελάκι

Disadvantages of treatment with immovable appliances:

  • They make children’s daily life little difficult in the first days of application until they get used to them, since they cannot be removed from the mouth.
  • Unfortunately, there is a possibility of their debonding (moving) in the mouth and possibly annoying the children with a mandatory early visit to the doctor’s office.

Bonded orthodontic appliances achieve rapid space provision in the dentitions for the seamless eruption of all future permanent teeth, as well as the completion of the skeletal treatment within 6 – 10 months.

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