Removable Orthodontic Appliances

This treatment uses removable orthodontic appliances, for the upper and/or lower teeth which young patients must wear daily for 14-15 hours.


Depending on the child’s case, these removable acrylic devices have special metal screws which, when activated by the child or parents, apply pressure on the jaws and teeth. These screws are usually activated once a week with a special key given by the orthodontist to renew the power needed to correct the skeletal problem. This treatment lasts longer than that with immovable appliances, usually around 14-15 months.


Features of treatment with removable appliances:

  • The application of removable appliances requires greater cooperation on the child’s part
  • Larger in size compared to immovable retainers that require excellent care and oral hygiene
  • Danger of being lost or broken if not stored in special boxes
  • Longer duration of treatment


When to wear them and general instructions:

Removable appliances should be worn for a total of 14-15 hours every day (all night during sleep and 6-7 hours at home, while studying or during other activities).


You do not need to wear them at school, during playtime, meals and when brushing your teeth.


These devices fit firmly on your teeth, do not fall when you speak and of course your tongue should not move them away from your teeth because then they do not do their job properly. For this reason, at every appointment at the doctor’s office, we tighten your retainers so that they fit perfectly on your teeth.


We recommend keeping the devices in their plastic case when you are not wearing them because otherwise they can be lost or thrown away by mistake.


Never wrap them in a paper towel and leave them on the table as they will definitely be thrown by mistake. Nor should you keep them in your pocket as they run the risk of being lost or broken.


Always keep them in their case when not wearing them.


In the first days of their application, there is a speech difficulty as well as increased saliva flow, which is normal and expected. Clear speech gradually returns after a week.


Do not ever try to boil them in hot water or wash them with bleach as this can deform them.

Clear speech returns slowly after a week. It is also good every night to brush your teeth with a little toothpaste to keep them clean in your mouth.

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