Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen: Teenage smiles that last forever.

  • Invisible aligners
  • Natural smile
  • Easy removal during treatment.
  • No irritation of teeth and gums.
  • Specific, virtual treatment plan for your teeth from start to finish.

Now teenagers have their own invisible orthodontic treatment.

In the age of rapid development and wireless technology, an orthodontic treatment with conventional wire “braces” seems obsolete.

Nowadays, teenagers are well-informed and thus, one step ahead in the existing advanced orthodontic treatments with state-of-the-art technologies. This is why more and more want to correct the orthodontic anomalies and malocclusions of their teeth in the most imperceptible and invisible way: the Invisalign Teen transparent aligners, which guarantee the beauty of a carefree smile that suits adolescence so much, simply, comfortably and fast.

Teenagers feel happy because they do not have to make any aesthetic compromises or feel any discomfort as in the case of a treatment with “braces”. Now, they have their own alternative method that straightens their teeth….in the background and lets them enjoy being the protagonist in this important phase of their lives.

Invisalign Teen: A treatment adapted to the student’s pace

Invisalign Teen ™ is part of the Invisalign products developed with the help of teenagers, parents and orthodontists, properly adapted to the increased aesthetic requirements and student obligations of teenagers and their very limited free time. It is a clear alternative to the conventional “braces” which, in addition to their aesthetic limitations, make daily life and activities for young people difficult.

Invisalign Teen uses the same Invisalign technology applied to adults. The movement of the teeth evolves gradually with a series of clear splints (aligners) made of plastic, without the need for braces or wires.

However, Invisalign Teen has some additional features, adapted to the daily routine of teenagers:

  • The blue markers in the area of the first molars that fade slowly from blue to transparent (as days go by), help the orthodontist, parents and adolescents to observe the correct time of application of the aligners (21 hours daily for 14 days).
  • The special design that provides space for the eruption of new teeth in the area of the canines, second premolars and second molars.
  • The possibility of free replacement of up to six aligners by the company, in case some are lost or broken during treatment.

Invisalign Teen aligners are comfortable, easy to care for and, above all, almost invisible. This alone gives adolescents confidence and helps them feel more certain about themselves to achieve better performance in lessons and other activities.

Invisalign Teen: Orthodontic treatment that you do not see or feel.

Invisalign Teen splints are made of a special plastic (polyurethane) 0.5 mm thick based on the tooth mold of each teenager. They are not made of wires or other metals, nor do they cause irritation or pain in the mouth and gums.

Because Invisalign Teen aligners can be easily removed, they bring about minimal changes in the daily lives of teenagers who can easily:

  • brush and care for their teeth throughout the treatment.
  • continue their daily routine, eat and drink whatever they want and do their activities (sports, dance, musical instruments, gymnastics).
  • visit their orthodontist less frequently (every 6 weeks and not every month)

It’s worth getting to know Invisalign Teen, as it will really change your life.

For teens 13 years and above whose teeth have all erupted and who have an orthodontic problem, Invisalign Teen is the ideal treatment.

Look for a certified orthodontist today who can help you with the Invisalign method.

 It is worth it!

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