Teeth whitening for a more irresistible smile

It is a simple, conservative (non-invasive) aesthetic procedure, almost painless, without any effect on the tooth enamel, which gives amazing results, improving the color of the teeth, always according to the needs of the person concerned.

Depending on the method used, the whitening effect yields up to 5 degrees whiter teeth compared to their original color.

When teeth lose their shiny white color

People who come to the doctor’s office often wonder why their teeth darken. It is normal for teeth to darken over time. Tooth staining is caused by exposure to the dyes of several foods, such as coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco etc.

It should be added that our teeth also change color as we get older, because the enamel – the outer transparent layer of the teeth – thins out and so the dentin – which is darker in color – becomes more visible.

The process of teeth whitening

There are 3 options or combinations for teeth whitening:

  • Whitening at the doctor’s office or
  • Whitening at home or
  • Whitening that starts with a session at the doctor’s office and ends at home.

More specifically:

Teeth whitening at the doctor’s office is achieved with the use of a special lamp and a whitening gel, which accelerates the whitening process in less than an hour (about 45 minutes).

The whitening process at home is based on the use of special soft splints given by your doctor for daily application of a whitening gel, for about 60-90 minutes.

The combined whitening method – at the doctor’s office and at home – has better and faster results.

How to whiten your teeth at home

Firstly, it is necessary to examine the teeth and gums to determine their good condition. If caries and gingivitis are found, they need to be treated before the whitening process and any old fillings may need to be replaced.

Then, a dental impression is taken and individual thin and soft splints are made, which fit perfectly on the teeth. The splints are filled with a whitening substance (gel) which is supplied to the patient by the doctor.

The splints can be worn during sleep, for 8-10 nights or even longer, if needed.

How teeth are whitened at the doctor’s office

As already mentioned, teeth whitening at the doctor’s office is done with the help of a lamp (which is one of the most acclaimed whitening techniques in the world).

This is a technique that has fast results and is preferred by patients who do not want to use splints.

It is a simple and completely painless procedure, in which a whitening substance with a concentration of 6% in hydrogen peroxide is applied on the teeth, activated with the help of the lamp. As the hydrogen peroxide decomposes, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin, dissolving the pigments without changing the structure of the tooth. The process takes less than an hour in total.

What are the risks of teeth whitening?

There is no risk in teeth whitening, as long as it is done with appropriate whitening substances and under the supervision of the dentist.
Rarely, teeth may show mild sensitivity, but this soon subsides.

Porcelain restorations and white fillings do not change color with whitening. For this reason, when teeth whitening is part of a larger dental treatment plan that includes fillings or prosthetic work, it should be done at an appropriate time in order to achieve the best possible result for the entire treatment.

Maintaining the whitening effect

We must emphasize that whitening is a semi-permanent technique of color improvement.

Depending on a person’s eating habits and whether they are a smoker, teeth can darken faster if they are often exposed to coffee, red wine, tobacco, etc. pigments. What is certain is that the teeth remain whiter for a long time, after the whitening treatment.

It is easy to maintain the original white color, if the whitening process is repeated once a year, with the help of personalized splints and the whitening substance for a few nights.

Invisalign & Whitening

The ideal combination for a flawless white smile.

An important advantage of the Invisalign method is that teeth whitening can be done simultaneously with the orthodontic treatment, which is a great incentive for many people to decide to start orthodontic treatment, since they can achieve two goals at the same time.

The whitening process at the beginning of the Invisalign treatment is a psychological boost, which can be suggested by the doctor or requested by the person concerned.

How teeth are whitened with Invisalign splints

Invisalign splints fit very well on the teeth and cover them up to the gum line. As they are applied daily for 21-22 hours, they can be used as whitening gel trays at home. If the duration of the whitening process lasts more than 14 days, then the whitening substance will be placed in the next splints that will be given by the doctor.

The procedure is extremely simple: apply a small amount of gel at the parts of the splints that rest on the outer surface of the teeth and wear your splints as usual. Because the splints fit snugly on your teeth, make sure there is not too much substance and also do not press them, so that the substance does not overflow and cause burns on the gums and lips.

The various whitening substances for home are offered in syringes by dentists, in different densities and depending on the type, they are applied from one to twelve hours a day.

There are different whitening gel you can wear either at night during sleep or a few hours during the day. This you can discuss and decide together with your doctor. Repeat the process daily, for as many days as you want, until you achieve the desired result.

It makes sense that the longer you apply the whitening gel on your teeth, the whiter they become. However, your doctor should always be consulted and supervise the duration and proper adherence to the treatment.

Usually, the combination of Invisalign with a whitening material achieves whitening of up to three tones in the color of the teeth.

In case you want a greater degree of whitening or more immediate results, then you should choose whitening methods at the Clinic or a combination of whitening at the Clinic (with special LED or laser lamps) and at home with Invisalign splints.

Always follow the whitening method that suits you after a consultation with your doctor, so that you have the sparkling smile you deserve quickly and safely.

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