Why Do Our Teeth Become Crooked Again?

Στραβά δόντια

The small changes that may occur in your teeth after the end of orthodontic treatment are due to their occlusal relation during biting and chewing.

The most serious and clearly unwanted changes can be due to genetic predisposition or developmental delay, which are unpredictable.

Movements are more common in the lower front teeth, especially in the case of previously highly crowded teeth. Tooth changes are a natural and long-lasting phenomenon.

The best way to keep the teeth in their correct final position is the daily application of removable retainers together with metal bars on the back of the front teeth, according to the instructions of your Orthodontist.

Dr. Penny Mitilineou
Χειρουργός ΟδοντίατροςDental Surgeon
Specialization in Orthodontics

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